Sunday, 22 March 2015

#IAmHappy: 5 things that make me happy.

Hi Everyone,

Did you know that 20th  March is observed as the International Day of happiness? Well, I didn't. It was only after I saw the #InternationalDayOfHappiness trending on twitter did I realize that 20th March is such a special day. Yes, very special!

Why you ask? Well, we are all so busy working towards achieving our goals that we have somewhere forgotten that the final goal is to be happy and not fame, money, etc.

So I thought of sharing 5 things that make me happy. Continue reading to know what makes me happy.

  •  Family time: Nothing can make you more happy than being with the people you love. We are all so caught with other things that we hardly spend any time with the ones we love. Holidays, dinners, weekend trips or just chatting about absolutely nothing with family and friends (Yes, friends are family too. Family that you get to choose on your own!) makes me happy. Very happy.

  •  Workout: No this is not something that I am saying for the sake of saying it. It is from the experience. Working out I believe actually releases all your worries along with the sweat. It not only keeps you healthy and fit but also very happy. Kick start your day at the  gym or go for a walk in the park or do yoga – whatever suits you, and you’ll surely feel the difference.
  •  Being close to nature: Mother nature is the best healer for all your problems. Walking barefoot on the beach, smelling fresh flowers or just looking at the greenery (whatever little you can find around you) soothes your eyes and brain. Remember how as kids we forgot all your worries, running after the butterflies or listening to the music created by chirping birds.
  •  Sleep: This one is my all time favourite. Every time I am worried, I have had a bad day, or anything that inverts the smile curve, I go to sleep. Nothing heals like a good 8 hours sleep. And when you wake up, you either forget what you were worrying about or find a good solution to tackle it. In fact, not getting a good sleep at times can lead to innumerable problems.
  •  Change: Good change is always nice. Following the same routine everyday makes you more of a machine. Break the routine once in a while and you’ll surely feel happier. Small things can make big differences. Get a haircut, take a day off from work and do nothing, spend money on others, smile to a stranger (not in a creepy way though), help someone selflessly,  sing (even if it's in a bathroom!) and try to smile more.

Checkout this small video ad released by Coca-Cola to celebrate  #InternationalDayOfHappiness . And don't forget to share your #IamHappy moments in comments below.

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