Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Being #Together

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Hi Everyone!

Life is very unpredictable. Every single day it throws a new challenge for us. There are days that are bad, some are just OK, while others are really good. I am sure each one of us wakes up in the morning hoping that each day turns out to be a good day. However, these things are not in our control. Life cannot always be bright and shiny. There always will be a bad phase once in a while. And it cannot be escaped. We have two options to deal with it-

(1) We can loose all hopes, give up and never rise above it.
(2) Or face it, fight it and come out of it as a winner.

If you ask me, the first option is not what anyone should choose. Never. I know easier said than done. However, a little extra effort, a little more faith and support of our loved ones, can make it possible. Being together, with family, friends and loved ones can help you sail through the roughest storms. And I say this from my own experience.

Around a couple of years ago, life took a wrong turn. It was a pretty bad time. Things did not turn out the way they were expected to. Things were not good on both, the personal and professional fronts. It was for the very first time that something like this happened to me. I was not expecting it, not ready for it. Had no idea what to do. This eventually led to depression and self loathing. I started blaming myself for everything that went wrong. I had stopped talking to everyone at home, stopped meeting friends. Almost no interaction with anyone. Ignored people, avoided interactions. I did not want anyone to see me failing. And this made the situation even worse.

I tried everything I could to hide this from everyone. However, one day my parents got to know about the mess I was in from somewhere. They were not at all happy. Didn't talk to me for a few days. Not because of the mistakes I made, but because I didn't tell them and was stuck. But time heals everything.  They started talking to me again. Made me realize what went wrong. Helped me get back on track.

Being together restored the confidence I had lost and with time and effort, life was back to happy mode again. From this experience I realized, sticking with people you love in both good and bad times keeps you going. It keeps you happy.
Since then, I have decided to seek and offer help when possible. It makes things easy.
Housing is one such Brand that in the inimitable power of optimism. Check out their website here.

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