Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Being #Together

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Hi Everyone!

Life is very unpredictable. Every single day it throws a new challenge for us. There are days that are bad, some are just OK, while others are really good. I am sure each one of us wakes up in the morning hoping that each day turns out to be a good day. However, these things are not in our control. Life cannot always be bright and shiny. There always will be a bad phase once in a while. And it cannot be escaped. We have two options to deal with it-

(1) We can loose all hopes, give up and never rise above it.
(2) Or face it, fight it and come out of it as a winner.

If you ask me, the first option is not what anyone should choose. Never. I know easier said than done. However, a little extra effort, a little more faith and support of our loved ones, can make it possible. Being together, with family, friends and loved ones can help you sail through the roughest storms. And I say this from my own experience.

Around a couple of years ago, life took a wrong turn. It was a pretty bad time. Things did not turn out the way they were expected to. Things were not good on both, the personal and professional fronts. It was for the very first time that something like this happened to me. I was not expecting it, not ready for it. Had no idea what to do. This eventually led to depression and self loathing. I started blaming myself for everything that went wrong. I had stopped talking to everyone at home, stopped meeting friends. Almost no interaction with anyone. Ignored people, avoided interactions. I did not want anyone to see me failing. And this made the situation even worse.

I tried everything I could to hide this from everyone. However, one day my parents got to know about the mess I was in from somewhere. They were not at all happy. Didn't talk to me for a few days. Not because of the mistakes I made, but because I didn't tell them and was stuck. But time heals everything.  They started talking to me again. Made me realize what went wrong. Helped me get back on track.

Being together restored the confidence I had lost and with time and effort, life was back to happy mode again. From this experience I realized, sticking with people you love in both good and bad times keeps you going. It keeps you happy.
Since then, I have decided to seek and offer help when possible. It makes things easy.
Housing is one such Brand that in the inimitable power of optimism. Check out their website here.

Its time I #ChooseToStart

Hi Everyone,

Mobile phone is what most of the people start and end their day with. People spend more time with their cell phones than family and friends.

There is one such guy in my house too- my Brother. As soon as he is back from office, he checks his cell phone, replies to emails and Whatssap messages, plays clash of clans, etc. The other day he was watching some video on YouTube with earphones on. After yelling at him for 5-6 times and no response, my dad sent him a message on Whatssap to come out for dinner.

On the other hand, there is this other person living in the same house, who owns a NOKIA E71. And its me. Still can't remember which phone is Nokia E71? Well, I don't blame you. Atleast 10 new phones are launched every month. One cannot remember models launched a year ago. How can you remember something launched more than 6-7 years ago.

I use phone only for 5 things most of the time -

  1. Making Calls.
  2. Checking/Replying Mails
  3. SMS (rarely these days).
  4. Whatssap.
  5. Clicking Photos.
And my phone supports all of these. Yes even Whatsapp. But every time someone sees my phone they ask me  why don't I  buy a smartphone. 

Its not that I don't want a new phone. However, there are several reasons I don't want to replace it.

This is my first phone.It has been with me for 6 long years. I bought it with my own money. Pocket money + Summer Job. Parting from it won't be easy.

Also, I am not someone who does everything with phone in one hand. I use it only when I need it. So no I don't want to spend 50 grands on a phone.

I am not a big fan of tablet size phones. I like my phone to be sleek, that easily fits into my pant pocket.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because its finally the time I put my phone to rest. Its almost dead. High time I buy a new one. I have been doing my research and have finally found THE ONE.

I am planning to buy the new Moto E.  Its a great phone if you are looking for some great specs without creating a hole in your pocket.

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Here are some of the features. You can find the complete specifications here or here.

  • 3G Speed: Connect with anyone, anywhere.
  • Quad-core processor: Do more, faster.
  • Long-lasting battery: Keep going, longer.
  • Android 5.0, Lollipop: Enjoy the latest Android OS.
  • Expandable memory: 8GB of storage, with a slot for an optional microSD card.

All this and more comes at a very reasonable price - Rs. 6999/-. You can buy it here

If you are still looking for a phone that is actually smart and pocket-friendly, this is perfect for you. I #ChooseToStart my smart phone journey. Do You?


It is Nashta Time

Hi Everyone.

There are two types of people in this world-

Type 1: The people who eat to live.
Type 2: The people who live to eat.

If you think these two sentences are almost the same, just a few words rephrased, this post is not for you. But if you are someone who is reading this post because of the word nashta in the title, you are a true foodie. A true Indian foodie.  And like most of you my favorite time of the day is nesting time. Nothing is better than starting your day with a tasty, filling and healthy breakfast.

Every morning is a struggle for me and I hardly get time to eat my breakfast. And even if  manage to find some time, what I eat is not all tasty, filling and healthy.

Is it your story too? If yes, read on because I am going tell you a secret.  Bet you’ll surely love it and thank me for it.

I was just checking out Youtube (read watching random food videos) when I came across a channel that is dedicated to breakfast recipes. It's high time we had one.

The channel is about Guptaji’s family and nice simple stories. Every story teaches you how to make a quick, easy and yummy breakfast.

Also, they have a Facebook page where they share these recipes. Check it out if you want to print out the recipes or save them for later. They are very simple to make and will be ready in no time. Now you know what to do when you have your friends, visiting you over the weekend for a group study or when you watch your favourite movie together.

Easy Breakfast Recipe

I so wish I could go to their house for some breakfast. It would be so much fun. Would you like to go too? Tell me why? Just for fun. And read my reasons too.

For the FOOD. I would surely ask Mrs. Gupta to make each and every dish for me. They all look so yummy. Well, that would be too much, right?  Not just for her to prepare, but also for me to eat. They have more that 100 recipes up there.

I’ll also get to learn from them. Hey make it look so easy. Even someone who has never cooked can whip up some yummy dishes.

I’ll also ask them to give out more recipes that are not out on their channel yet. Learning and tasting before the world sees it. :D
The family looks like they have so much of fun together. Would love to spend some time with them. Laugh, play, talk and eat.

Sounds fun, right? So I am now going to tweet to them – “Nashte pe kab bula rahe hai?” Why don’t you try too ?

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Yummy & Popular South Indian Cuisine

Pune is a melting pot of culture. Over the last couple of decades people from all over the country have made this city their home. This has thus changed the food scene in Pune. In addition to the local Maharashtrian cuisine, one can now easily enjoy authentic delicacies from other parts of the country too.

South Indian Food Pune

South Indian food is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of tasty as well as nutritious food. From idlis and dosas for breakfast to the fulfilling South Indian thali for lunch/dinner, Pune has it all.

Here is a list of the best South Indian restaurants in Pune that you can visit to satiate your craving for South Indian food.

  • Southindies : Located in Shivaji Nagar, it is one of the best places in Pune that offers authentic South Indian food. Their menu is quite extensive and has delicacies for all four South Indian States. If you are a voracious eater, don't miss out their weekend brunch buffet.
Southindies, Pune
  • Vaishali : This heritage restaurant located at FC Road is one of the oldest and most popular joints in Pune. Popular for its lip smacking breakfast and snacks, it is a must visit for authentic South Indian fare. It is always crowded and you may have to wait for your turn, but is definetly worth the wait.
Vaishali, Pune

  • Idlicious: This joint in Baner, dishes out some of the fluffiest idlis in town. One of the best places to enjoy South Indian breakfast without making a hole in your pocket. The hot, fluffy idlis are best enjoyed with a cup of filter coffee!
Idilicious, Pune

  • Rama  Krishna: Situated in the Camp Area, this spacious restaurant is a vegetarian's Mecca. Frequented by people for its freshly prepared food, it is ideal for lunch / dinner with family and friends. The place also serves lip smacking North Indian and Chinese food.
Rama Krishna, Pune

  • Kerela Fast Food: It is a small joint that located in Khadki, with just two tables. But don't go by the looks. It is one of the best places to enjoy authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food from Kerela. Once you visit this place, you'll surely go back for more.
Kerela Fast Food, Pune
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#IAmHappy: 5 things that make me happy.

Hi Everyone,

Did you know that 20th  March is observed as the International Day of happiness? Well, I didn't. It was only after I saw the #InternationalDayOfHappiness trending on twitter did I realize that 20th March is such a special day. Yes, very special!

Why you ask? Well, we are all so busy working towards achieving our goals that we have somewhere forgotten that the final goal is to be happy and not fame, money, etc.

So I thought of sharing 5 things that make me happy. Continue reading to know what makes me happy.

  •  Family time: Nothing can make you more happy than being with the people you love. We are all so caught with other things that we hardly spend any time with the ones we love. Holidays, dinners, weekend trips or just chatting about absolutely nothing with family and friends (Yes, friends are family too. Family that you get to choose on your own!) makes me happy. Very happy.

  •  Workout: No this is not something that I am saying for the sake of saying it. It is from the experience. Working out I believe actually releases all your worries along with the sweat. It not only keeps you healthy and fit but also very happy. Kick start your day at the  gym or go for a walk in the park or do yoga – whatever suits you, and you’ll surely feel the difference.
  •  Being close to nature: Mother nature is the best healer for all your problems. Walking barefoot on the beach, smelling fresh flowers or just looking at the greenery (whatever little you can find around you) soothes your eyes and brain. Remember how as kids we forgot all your worries, running after the butterflies or listening to the music created by chirping birds.
  •  Sleep: This one is my all time favourite. Every time I am worried, I have had a bad day, or anything that inverts the smile curve, I go to sleep. Nothing heals like a good 8 hours sleep. And when you wake up, you either forget what you were worrying about or find a good solution to tackle it. In fact, not getting a good sleep at times can lead to innumerable problems.
  •  Change: Good change is always nice. Following the same routine everyday makes you more of a machine. Break the routine once in a while and you’ll surely feel happier. Small things can make big differences. Get a haircut, take a day off from work and do nothing, spend money on others, smile to a stranger (not in a creepy way though), help someone selflessly,  sing (even if it's in a bathroom!) and try to smile more.

Checkout this small video ad released by Coca-Cola to celebrate  #InternationalDayOfHappiness . And don't forget to share your #IamHappy moments in comments below.