Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Hey Everyone,
Last weekend, I sat down and decided to do some cleaning and organize things that were lying around here and there. I realized there were a lot of things and the task would be tedious and time consuming. Also, everyone in the family had gone out to visit a relative. The only other person in the house was my 8 year old niece. While I was thinking, what to do, where to start, she was busy playing some game on my mobile phone. With the pile of work in front of me, I really didn’t want to do it. But, that was not an option. So I asked my niece if she would like to help me. She gave me a dismissing look and did not say anything. “I will take you out for ice cream once we finish this” I said. Nobody says no to ice cream. Not the kids and not the adults. She quickly asked, “Promise?”
“Yes promise” I said hurriedly. An extra set of hands, even though tiny were better than having nothing.
“What do you want me to do?” came a quick question. “Nothing much. Just keep things where ever I tell you to. Also, would you like to make labels as we organize thing?” I said, quickly passing on the markers and blank labels to her. “I will eat two ice creams of my choice for this much work”, she said. “Drama queen” I nodded affirmatively.
And we began with the work. I must admit my niece though very young is smart and a very good assist too. We found so many things during the cleaning. Old photographs, my tazzo set that I had collected by purchasing the Cheetos snack that tasted horrible, old board games that were so much fun during the afternoons of summer vacations, some of my school notebooks and certificates and trophies won by me. She was listening to all my stories and also telling me similar stories about her vacations, school and friends. That is when we came across a certificate and a felicitation photograph. It was for my first ever win. A story telling competition conducted in school. I was in Jr. Kg and the story that I chose was – Fox and the grapes. It was nostalgic. Even today I feel really happy and proud for that one. It takes me back to how I practiced for a week with actions and everything to win this one. When I told her this, she said “Maasi same pinch. I win the story telling competition in school every year” “Oh yes, I remember your Mom telling us this” “But ours is a little different.” She said. “How?” I asked.
She explained that instead of telling them to prepare in advance, their school gives them a setup and a list of character and they have to weave a story around it. Impromptu. That really is interesting. But can kids these young really come with stories in a short time? I asked her to tell me one of hers. And then she told me about the one she told in last year’s competition. And trust me it was beautiful. Kids really are very talented these day!

With a similar concept Colgate Strong Teeth has come up with 4 packs that have interesting sea creatures & some trivia inside them. Kids can cut, play & learn and do the story telling by weaving their imagination together.