Sunday, 27 October 2013

Everyone Has A Reason To Pray

Hey Everyone!!!

What did you guys do this weekend???

With Diwali just a week away, I helped my Mom with the pre-diwali cleaning, shopping, etc this weekend. And believe me it is a tedious job. If you think I am talking about cleaning house, wait my friend. I am actually talking about the shopping part.You think I am kidding, don't you?? Well I am not. Shopping for clothes and all the girly stuff is no doubt my favorite thing like your but when it comes to shopping for household stuff, it is not at all easy. And it gets tougher when you have to shop for Diwali Pooja.

Diwali is one of the most important Hindu festival and belonging to a Baniya family Lakshmi Pooja is of GREAT importance for my family. Every little thing from what goes into the pooja thali, the new account book and much much more goes into the preparation.

I was not much involved in all these years except for eating all the sweets after the pooja. But then this year my darling Mother has not been very well and being a good daughter I had to go shopping with her. I had no idea, so  many things go into the pooja thali- kumkum, haldi, diya, agarbattis, and a lot of other things. Apart from that the Lakshmi and Ganesha statues and you have to know all shlokas  and aartis that are to be recited ( I read them out from a book while Daddy knows them by-heart).

So when we went shopping though we had most of the things, Mom wanted to buy few things that were short and 1 complete set of everything. Why one set of everything??? How could I forget, my younger brother stays in Hostel and won't be coming down this Diwali to be with us :(. So she wanted to send him a pooja set. But then I said don't. These days we get everything packed together. Just open the box, assemble everything as per directions and you are ready. But Mom won't listen. So to convince her, I quickly took out my tab, googled " Diwali Lakshmi pooja kit India" and found Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack in top results.

Me: Mummy let us send this to Bro.

Mom : No no these ready made packs don't contain everything. Don't you know how important Lakshmi pooja is?

Me: I know that. Okay, lets do this. You name what all is required for Lakshmi pooja and if this pack contains everything  we will send him this.

She started naming everything one by one and to her surprise, this pack did contain everything.

Me: Mummy not just what you named but it also has a Lakshmi Ganesha statue  a CD with all the prayers which like me Bro doesn't know either :P. And yes its on for Rs. 630/-  (Actual price Rs. 700/- )

Mom: Okay, you win. Send him one but be sure it reaches him before Diwali.


This Pooja pack is a great find for people like me who cannot remember everything that you need for Pooja or don't get the time to go out and buy everything and is reasonably priced too :)

Oh yes and I also came across this cute video when I was searching for Lakshmi Pooja packs. This is so me .

I am not some one who is very very spiritual and prays regularly. Someone who knows all the aartis and bhajans but every time I am I am confused, I am in some kind of  trouble - big or small, HE is the one I talk to.

Every time I didn't do my homework in school I would pray to God that somehow teacher should not come for the lecture. That I get so and so gift from so and so person on my birthday. That I pass my test with good marks. That Mom should not notice one plate from the new dinner set she bought is missing.  And so many more that I have lost count of. God may or may not listen to what I ask for ( and he actually cannot. I ask him to possibly do everything for me :P) but that does not stop me from asking. And yes I do thank Him back when he listens and complain when he doesn't. God to me is like a secret buddy and prayer is our telepathic chat :D

Everyone has a reason to pray. What is yours. Let me know in the comments below. Would love reading :)

And yes A VERY HAPPY DIWALI in advance to you all. Enjoy and be safe :*

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Food Fashion Funn and Unify Fiesta Giveaway (25-10-2013 to 07-11-2013)

I have a Facebook Giveaway going on.

Food Fashion Funn and Unify Fiesta Giveaway (25-10-2013 to 07-11-2013)


1 winner will win - Homemade chocolates assorted hamper + Bows Are Wows accessories of your choice worth Rs.500/- + 15% discount coupons from exhibiting brands.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Muesli and Fruit Trifle - Recipe

Hey Everyone!!!

I am here with a yummy recipe that you can eat as breakfast in the morning or serve it as a dessert when you throw a party next time. Its not just tasty but very healthy too and anyone can make this. Yes even a 10 year old!!!

Presenting to you FRUIT MUESLI TRIFLE

And yes this is not the regular post with pictures and typed instructions. I have doodled the recipe instead (my first doodle recipe!!!)

So lets get started

Click on the image to enlarge

Simple, right ???

Liked it??? Would you like to see more of these doodled recipes?? Would love to read your comments :)

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Shopping Challenge by

Hello Everyone!!!

If you are an online shopping maniac like me, I am sure you are familiar with 
Cashkaro is India's No.1 Cashback & Coupons website. With you can now EARN 
CASHBACK every time you shop with websites like Yatra, Jet, Flipkart,,, Expedia, Myntra, Jabong & many more.  Just go to first & then go to other websites from there. Shop normally & get cashback. When you have Rs 250 confirmed cashback, you can request it to be paid to your bank account via NEFT or request payment via cheque.

Now has come up with a challenge for the bloggers. They gave us two topics to select from-
1.      If you were given Rs 10,000 how would you spend it? How much would you save via and what will you do with that money saved?
2.      Shop via Cashkaro & share your experience. How did Cashkaro save you money and would you recommend Cashkaro to your friends?

I found the first topic very interesting and thought why not challenge myself to buy an entire outfit including clothes, footwear, accessories and makeup.  Also with Diwali so near, why not go for an ethnic outfit? So let’s get started. I’ll first try to fit a complete ethnic outfit in the given budget and at the end of this post tell you how much money I saved using and more importantly what I will do with it J

When it comes to online shopping I always prefer Myntra and Jabong as they have the latest collection, great discounts and a very good customer service.

Biba had recently launched their showstopper collection which I instantly fell in love with. Also for ethnic wear, Biba is my favorite brand as they have unique designs and fit really well. I don’t have to go for alterations most of the times J. I chose this beautiful black and red cotton suit set.  This dress was love at first sight.

I came across these pair of wedges by Metro browsing through Jabong’s footwear section. Aren’t these a perfect match for the suit set above?


The suit has a big golden border and prints so I didn't want to add too many accessories. So I chose a pair of long drop earrings in black and gold.


With too much of black in this outfit, I chose a red and gold toned clutch by Shree to break the monotone. It has ethnic print all over and the studded stone piece gives it a royal look.



I chose Maybelline Clear Glow Natural Bright Benefit Cream 03 for base makeup.

My favorite eyeconic kajal for creating a dramatic winged eye as well as on waterline.

A red lipstick by Maybelline Colorensational in Rubylicious Jewels Lipstick 630.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara to add some more drama to eyes J

And lastly nail polishes from Maybelline’s latest color show range in Downtown Red 216 and Blackout 220 to do a  simple nail art using these two.


 And here I am all ready for Diwali evening J


Now coming to how much I saved using

As of now is offering 6% cashback on anything bought through them from Jabong (check here)and Flat Rs. 180/-  cashback on Myntra (check here).  So let’s do the math now. I know everybody hates math but don't you wanna know how much money I saved??


Product from Jabong

Actual price of the product

Money saved using

Biba Cotton Suit

Rs. 5595/-


Metro Wedges

Rs. 1190/-

Rs. 71.4/-

Maybelline Nail enamel in Downtown Red and Blackout

Rs. 150/-


Lakme Eyeconic kajal


Rs. 11.94/-

Maybelline Mascara

Rs. 350/-

Rs. 21/-

Maybelline BB cream


Rs. 11.94/-


Rs. 7683/-

Rs. 470/-          



Product from Myntra

Actual price of the product

Money saved using

Shree Clutch

Rs. 1399/-



Maybelline Lipstick

Rs. 3500/-


Rs. 156/-




Hence in all I spent Rs. 9588/- out of the stipulated budget of Rs. 10000/- and managed to save an additional amount of Rs. 650/- using (excluding the discounts offered by the website J )
If I saved this amount I will spend this money along with the money I save on by not bursting crackers during Diwali, to buy sweets for the less privileged kids and light up their day too J

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Did you like this post??? Do let me know in the comments below :) 

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Friday, 18 October 2013

VWash Plus ~ Product Review


Today I am here with a product review of VWash Plus - Expert Intimate Hygiene. Intimate hygiene is something which is not much talked about. We use so many products like sanitizer, hand wash and what not for personal hygiene but when it comes to intimate areas most of the women believe that soap and water is all it takes to keep intimate hygiene. But is it really enough? Continue reading to know more.

VWash Plus was sent to me for review. It came with this packaging which is not just cute but also very thoughtful. Apart from VWash Plus, it contained a loofah, hand sanitizer, a pack of wet tissues and face towel :)

What VWash Plus Claims :

VWash Plus is an expert hygiene wash product Glenmark Pharmaceuticals specially designed for a woman's intimate needs. Its special Lactic Acid formula; infused with tea tree oil & sea buckthorn oil, helps maintain the pH balance of the vagina, prevents itchiness, irritation, dryness & leaves you feeling fresh all day long.

Why VWash Plus?
Most soaps are alkaline in nature which have a pH value of 8 to 10. With daily use, this will upset the ideal pH balance of the vagina. Even water has a pH value of 7; which is far from the ideal pH balance. This is why using soap or only water for cleansing the intimate parts may not be ideal. In terms of pH balance, the intimate area is an acidic part of human body, with a pH value ranging from 3.5 to 4.5. Hence, it makes it important to use a special product like VWash Plus to maintain this ideal pH balance.  

When to use VWash Plus?
Can be used daily, even during those special days of the month.

How to use?
VWash Plus can be applied during any time of the day. Quick & easy to use, VWash can be applied by pouring a few drops onto your palm & gently massaging the external area of your vagina. Rinse thoroughly with water after application.


    Rs. 140/- for 100 ml. Easily available at Chemists and Medical Stores.


      • It comes in a sturdy white and pink plastic bottle with flip top cap. The cap shuts quite tight so the product won't spill.
      • Has a shelf life of 2 yrs .


      • Key Ingredient : Lactic Acid 1.2% w/v
      • Enriched with Sea Buckthorn oil and Tea Tree oil.
      • Paraben and SLS free.
      • For other ingredients, refer picture below

      My thoughts:

      It is a clear gel like liquid and with a very runny consistency. A small amount goes a long way as the product lathers up well. Cleanses quite well, leaving behind a clean and smooth skin. Also it has a cooling effect which I guess is due to the presence of tea tree oil. It has a mild fragrance which is not overpowering but effectively keeps away the odor. I did not experience any itching or irritation. 
      Overall, the product delivers what it claims.
      Only thing I wish more is that the product should come in smaller sizes too. Carrying a 100 ml bottle everyday is not very convenient. Apart from this I have no other complain. 

      Will I repurchase: 

      Of course I will. And I suggest you all to give it a try once.

      *Though the product is safe to use please consult your doctor in case you have a sensitive skin.

      I would love to read your thoughts and feedback. Do leave a comment below :)

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      PR Sample. Honest Review