Sunday, 27 October 2013

Everyone Has A Reason To Pray

Hey Everyone!!!

What did you guys do this weekend???

With Diwali just a week away, I helped my Mom with the pre-diwali cleaning, shopping, etc this weekend. And believe me it is a tedious job. If you think I am talking about cleaning house, wait my friend. I am actually talking about the shopping part.You think I am kidding, don't you?? Well I am not. Shopping for clothes and all the girly stuff is no doubt my favorite thing like your but when it comes to shopping for household stuff, it is not at all easy. And it gets tougher when you have to shop for Diwali Pooja.

Diwali is one of the most important Hindu festival and belonging to a Baniya family Lakshmi Pooja is of GREAT importance for my family. Every little thing from what goes into the pooja thali, the new account book and much much more goes into the preparation.

I was not much involved in all these years except for eating all the sweets after the pooja. But then this year my darling Mother has not been very well and being a good daughter I had to go shopping with her. I had no idea, so  many things go into the pooja thali- kumkum, haldi, diya, agarbattis, and a lot of other things. Apart from that the Lakshmi and Ganesha statues and you have to know all shlokas  and aartis that are to be recited ( I read them out from a book while Daddy knows them by-heart).

So when we went shopping though we had most of the things, Mom wanted to buy few things that were short and 1 complete set of everything. Why one set of everything??? How could I forget, my younger brother stays in Hostel and won't be coming down this Diwali to be with us :(. So she wanted to send him a pooja set. But then I said don't. These days we get everything packed together. Just open the box, assemble everything as per directions and you are ready. But Mom won't listen. So to convince her, I quickly took out my tab, googled " Diwali Lakshmi pooja kit India" and found Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack in top results.

Me: Mummy let us send this to Bro.

Mom : No no these ready made packs don't contain everything. Don't you know how important Lakshmi pooja is?

Me: I know that. Okay, lets do this. You name what all is required for Lakshmi pooja and if this pack contains everything  we will send him this.

She started naming everything one by one and to her surprise, this pack did contain everything.

Me: Mummy not just what you named but it also has a Lakshmi Ganesha statue  a CD with all the prayers which like me Bro doesn't know either :P. And yes its on for Rs. 630/-  (Actual price Rs. 700/- )

Mom: Okay, you win. Send him one but be sure it reaches him before Diwali.


This Pooja pack is a great find for people like me who cannot remember everything that you need for Pooja or don't get the time to go out and buy everything and is reasonably priced too :)

Oh yes and I also came across this cute video when I was searching for Lakshmi Pooja packs. This is so me .

I am not some one who is very very spiritual and prays regularly. Someone who knows all the aartis and bhajans but every time I am I am confused, I am in some kind of  trouble - big or small, HE is the one I talk to.

Every time I didn't do my homework in school I would pray to God that somehow teacher should not come for the lecture. That I get so and so gift from so and so person on my birthday. That I pass my test with good marks. That Mom should not notice one plate from the new dinner set she bought is missing.  And so many more that I have lost count of. God may or may not listen to what I ask for ( and he actually cannot. I ask him to possibly do everything for me :P) but that does not stop me from asking. And yes I do thank Him back when he listens and complain when he doesn't. God to me is like a secret buddy and prayer is our telepathic chat :D

Everyone has a reason to pray. What is yours. Let me know in the comments below. Would love reading :)

And yes A VERY HAPPY DIWALI in advance to you all. Enjoy and be safe :*

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  1. Cograts swati ! And happy diwali ...

    1. Thank You so much!!!!!!!! And a very Happy Diwali to you too!!!

  2. congrats.. and a well deserving winner :)

  3. congrats on your win.

  4. Very very happy Diwali sweetie <3 Hope you enjoyed the festive weekend <3