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Ten Smart Tips For Your Suraksha

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Hope you had read my last post I Wish I Had Smart Suraksha. If not read it here

Don't we all start our day reading newspapers that on an average have 5 reports on crime against women? And what happens after that? We pity them, pray something like this doesn't happen to us or people we know. There are so many people around us giving out all sorts of advice on how to avoid these -

  • Don't wear skimpy clothes. Don't wear too much of makeup.
  • Don't leave your house late at night. 
  • Always go out with someone who can protect you and what not.

Sad but true, in our society if something wrong happens to you,  ITS YOUR FAULT.

But should we really sit at home with a fear that something wrong will happen if we go out? Or maybe dress top to toe?

Will this really help?

Well the answer is NO. Rapes and molestation happen not just at night but even in broad day light. Not all the girls who are subjected to these crimes wear short skirts.  So what to do? Just sit back and pray nothing like this happens to you?

Here are a few tips that can help in case you find yourself in such situation.

(1) It could happen to YOU:  Yes YOU. The first and the most important thing to prepare yourself to fight such situations is to make up your mind that it can happen to anybody. Even You. Most girls believe that they will never be a victim of these incidences. These incidences don't knock at your door before coming in. Precaution is always better than cure.

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(2) Keep Your Eyes Open:  Always keep your eyes open. These incidences can happen anywhere, anytime. Be alert. There are more chances of being attacked when you are least expecting it. So next time walking down a street you are not very familiar with, be alert rather than talking on the phone and not knowing what is going around you.

(3) Smart Suraksha App: As said in my last post I have already downloaded and installed it and request you all to do so too.  What better than intimating your family and friends when you are trouble and that too at the touch of a button. You can download it here.

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(4) Safety in your Bag: Don't we women carry our world in our bag. Then why not carry something for our safety too?  And no that doesn't mean you slip in a sharp kitchen knife in your bag, unless you want to get your self in trouble. But yes you can always carry a pepper spray which looks harmless but would be of great help. You can buy one here.

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(5) Learn Self Defense: No I am not asking each one of you to get a black belt in karate but at least learn some basic self defense techniques so that you can fight for yourself if need be. Google and find self defense classes in you area and enroll for the one that suits you the best.
(6)Silence is Not Golden: Not always, but in many cases it has been found that the criminal was known to the victim. It could be anyone - a neighbor, colleague, friend or relative. If you think something is not right, trust your instincts and confide in someone you can trust. Also keep away from such people and if possible let them know through your body language that you are not weak.

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(7) Don't Quit: I know it is easy to say but very difficult to act if you are actually caught up in a situation like this. But giving up would mean loosing without a fight.  Hit hard where it hurts the most, raise your voice for help, run as fast as you can but don't give up.

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(8)  Keep away from Strangers: Do not easily befriend strangers. Avoid talking to people you are not familiar with. Do not give away your personal details. And of course do not ever eat or drink anything offered by strangers. Also in case travelling late or when at a new place do not share a cab.

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(9) Help Others: We all try to keep ourselves away from SUCH MATTERS. But if we want to put an end to these things, we have to unite. If you want someone to help you or your sister or your wife or anyone you know, help others.

(10) Close Your Face Book: Don't get me wrong. I am not asking you to quit all the Social Networking Sites. I know everyone enjoys sharing pictures, checking in at cool places, etc. There is nothing wrong in staying connected with the loved ones. But be cautious and don't accept friend requests from people you don't know, change your privacy settings so that only your friends can see your updates.

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Hope this post helps you. Be Smart, Be Safe.

Would love to read your comments below. Also, if you have any more tips that may help others leave them in the comment below. I will do a new post or add them here itself with due credits to you :)

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