Sunday, 23 December 2012

Stubble or Me????

Hey Gals !!!!

Love your guy but hate his stubble??

Have you not lost the count of how many times you asked him to shave but he didn't?? :(

Did he give reasons like - 
  • " Shaving is really boring ."
  • "Stubble is so in. Everyone is sporting it these days."
  • "I have other important things to do. No time to shave "
etc. etc. etc........
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No your guy is no alien. Every guy does that :(

So what to do? Give up and live with it?
The answer is a big NO!!!

Its time we make it clear - SHAVE OR CRAVE

Here are few tips that can help : 
  • Help Him : They don't have time / It is boring. Right? Help him shave. The way Ana did to Mr. Grey ( refer Fifty Shades Of Grey if you don't know what I mean). It would me more fun with you. :D
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  • Hide and Seek : Play this age old game to get him shave. Boys love their toys, don't they??? Hide their gaming CDs, X-Box controller, etc. Want it back?? Go shave first
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  • Cancel Weekend Plan: Had a Sunday brunch planned?? Cancel it. Instead go movie and shopping with your girlfriends. Safe bet it is. Either he shaves or you shop :D
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  • Make him Jealous: Somebody said only women are jealous. He / she was wrong. Men are equally jealous. So next time you see his friend / colleague / someone on T.V./ any Mr. XYZ with a clean shave tell him how much you like Men - (minus) Stubble  :P
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  • Go to Bed Alone : None of the above worked??? This will surely work. Tell him to choose you or the stubble for company to bed. And we all know what he will choose.
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I hope these tips help. So what are you waiting for. Go and get him shave. :D So now you know what to gift him  this Christmas - A GILLETTE SHAVING KIT .


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