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Tips To Recharge Your Hair

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Smooth, shiny and manageable hair is  all that (Okay, spotless skin, soft pink lips, million dollar smile, expressive eye too. I know the list is endless!!! But lets just keep it to hair today.) we girls want. But very few of us are fortunate to actually have that.

Honestly, I have never had voluminous and bouncy tresses but yes they were soft, silky and manageable when I was a kid all thanks to mom. She made sure that they were oiled regularly and also applied a hair mask she prepared at home once every month. Apart from that I did not travel much and of course no crazy styling, no heat, nothing.

But gone are the days. All thanks to pollution, styling and many other reasons I am left with half the amount of hair I actually had and whatever is left is nothing that I can boast of :(
It has been that way for a while but it was only last month when I had a wedding in family did I realize how bad it has gone.  While all the other girls had let their hair down for the functions I had to tie it up into buns and pony tails. Have you faced a similar situation too?

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And all this led to one of my new year resolution. I had to something about my dull hair. I had to RECHARGE them, give them a new life.

Have you too had bad hair days. Hiding it with a floral scarf during a romantic bike ride? Buns and braids for the party? And cutting it short only for it to grow back into a lifeless bunch again? If yes, then read on for some tips that may be helpful. These are some small changes that will take time but surely bring a positive change.

Hair Oil:

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Be it the good old coconut oil, olive oil, the much raved argan oil or any other hair oil of your choice. Start oiling your hair once every week. This is one of the best ways to nourished hair. If you cannot leave it overnight, keep it on for a couple of hours before hair wash.

Hair Mask:

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Everyone loves pampering and so does your hair. Book an appointment at the spa or you can do it yourself too. There are many hair masks available in the market to choose from. Also you can make one yourself with a little help from kitchen. Egg mask and Banana mask work great for me.

Wash Your Hair Right: 

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Now this is very important. Its very important to do it right. Do not use too much of shampoo always start with a small amount and repeat till you are left with a clean scalp. Never ever skip the CONDITIONER. Also choosing the right product according to your scalp and hair type is important. Use serum or leave in conditioner if necessary.

Stay away from Chemicals and Heat: 

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As far as possible don't go overboard with styling. Give your hair a break from the coloring. Avoid using heating tools. And when using one be sure to use a heat protection spray. Also try to towel dry your instead of blow drying.

Sunsilk Natural Recharge

Also try using products that are less filled with chemicals and more natural. Don't know where to start? Well Sunsilk has come up with New Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner.  It is infused with ginseng plant root extract It gives your hair strength and vitality so that girls can live their life to the full with their strong beautiful and visibly abundant hair
I am surely trying this one out and would review it here soon.

Hope these tips are helpful and next time you go out you can let them down and enjoy without worrying. Recharge your hair to recharge your life.

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