Saturday, 15 June 2013

WeChat, the new way to connect

Hello Everyone!!!

Time:  12:30 a.m.

I was in my room. Like every other day. Chatting with my friends on WeChat. The phone vibrating continuously with notifications.
I am busy chatting. Reading, smiling and then replying. I suddenly see Mummy standing in front of me. Staring at me. She looks a bit upset. Donno why ?? The phone vibrates again. I look down to read the chat message. Simultaneously the conversion with Mummy goes on.

Me: What happened Mummy? You want something?

Mummy: No

Me: ( still typing a reply) Then why are you still awake?

Mummy: What are you doing?

Me:  Nothing much. Just chatting with my friends.

Mummy: Look at the time. Its 12:30 and you are still chatting. And then you won't wake up in the morning and keep asking for endless " 5 minutes more please " Go to sleep right now.

Me: Just 10 more minutes please. And its Saturday tomorrow. No lectures.

Mummy: No 10 minutes. Keep that phone aside and go to sleep. RIGHT NOW!!!

Me: But...

Mummy: No if and but. Put it aside and go to sleep. Or else give it to me.

Give her the phone. NOOOO.....I am about to tuck it under the pillow.

Mummy: Not under the pillow, keep it on the side table.

She walks out muttering - These kids now a days. Even 24 hrs is not enough for them........

It was a tiring day. Lectures, Practicals, Submission all day followed by traffic jam thanks to the Mumbai monsoon. All tired I was soon asleep.

Time: 3:00 a.m.

I am awake. Its been only a couple of hours but seems like I had slept for 7-8 hrs. I try to close my eyes and go back to sleep. But I can't. Wide wake at 3 a.m. What to do??

Oh yes I can chat. I Pick up my phone and click on WeChat logo on my home screen.
 Last message in the group was at 1:30 a.m.

I send a message - Guys still up???

5 minutes but no reply. Who would be online this late. :(

What to do now ???

I go to drift bottle option and pick up a bottle. The message inside the bottle

Message in a language I don't understand :/ I throw the bottle back. Bad luck :(

I decide to go back to sleep. I am about to quit and I notice a chat group which doesn't look familiar. - BELIEVE IT OR NOT

Which group is this??? When did I join?? Who added me here??

One click and I enter the group. But no past chats. o_0

I click on the group icon to see who the members of the group are

And I can't believe what I see.

The members of the group are -

Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson  from How I Met You Mother.

Christan Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey




What?? Am I dreaming or something ?? What are they doing in this group??

I quit from the app. Open it again. Yes the group is still there.  How is it possible?? People who are not living, who have nothing in common are a part of WeChat group. I decide to leave a message and see if I get any reply.

Me:  Hi !!!! This is Swati from India!! Anyone online???

And the phone vibrates. A reply o_0

Barney: Hi !! This is Barney Stinson from NY city. Have you met Ted!!!!

Ted : Hey Wassup. I am Ted Mosby and I am an architect.

Me: Well I know Ted....

Barney:  You know him?? Have you guys met before???

Ted: I can't recollect. Have we met before??

Me: No..No we haven't met but I have seen you on T.V.  8 seasons and you haven't met your girl  :( Is it the girl with yellow umbrella shown in the last episode??? Please tell me...PLEASE.

Ted: Well  I cant tell you that. Wait and watch it yourself.

Me: :(

Rapunzel : Hi everyone!!!

Me: Hey Rapunzel.

Barney:  Hey Beautiful. I am Barney and Have You Met Ted.

Ted: Barney Please....

C. Grey : Hello

Me:  OMG!!!! Mr. Grey...I ..I don't believe this. Even you are online!!! I recently completed reading the last part of the Triology. I loved reading.....

C. Grey: We aim to please Miss Swati. I am sorry but have got to go now. I have to attend a meeting in next 15 minutes.

Me:  No..Can you please wait??? I want to see you, hear your voice. Please wait!!! Send me a pic of yours or atleast an audio message

C. Grey: Laters!!!

Me: But Its weekend. You work on weekends too??

Garfield: I love weekends. And I hate MONDAYS. And I hate people who love MONDAYS.

Barney: I hate Mondays too

Ted: Me too.

Me: Its not that I like Mondays but no girl can hate Mr. Grey.

Rapunzel: I agree!!! He seems so Handsome in the book... Who would hate those deep grey eyes <3

Me: I so agree. Anyhow I was thinking about you the other day Rapunzel. I went to the salon and got a haircut. And ever since then I am repenting. But I had no option. Don't get enough time to take care of them. How do you manage such long hairs??

Rapunzel: I know its tedious but I love my hair...

Barney: Girls please

Me: (khi khi) Hey where is Garfield.

Garfield: I am here. Eating Lasagna.

Rapunzel: Guys I can hear someone calling beneath the tower. Got to go. See you guys later.

Ted: Bye

Barney: Bye!!! Swati where are you. This chat is so LEGEN wait-for-it Dary. LEGENDARY.

Me:  I can not think of anything other than Lasagna. I want Lasagna now.....

Phone vibrates. I check and its My everyday ALARM!!!!!!!!!! OMG it indeed was a dream. Stupid alarm. Couldn't it wait some more time. I didn't even say good bye. I hate alarms more than Mondays. I hit snooze and go back to sleep. Hoping the dream to continue from where it stopped...But it wouldn't :/

This is what happens when you read a trilogy at one go,  watch a TV Series marathon, worry too much about hair and re-read comic strips :P.

I wish I would have said goodbye atleast!!! I am ordering a lasagna for sure for dinner tonignt :P

WeChat Features
WeChat Features

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  1. Aha! So you're one of those few who 'stumbled' on to a WeChat group! Lovely... all the best for the contest!

    Arvind Passey