Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mumbai For Women

Hello Everyone!!!

On 30 March, Saturday, Indiblogger in association with The Times Of India had organised a Bloggers Meet at the Times Of India building ( Yes the heritage building that will complete 175 yrs this year :D ). The meet was organised to discuss the issues affecting the women in the city. Born and brought up in Mumbai I was excited to attend this meet as it was something about me.
This was my first Indimeet  and I was surprised and glad at the same time to see active participation from Men in a meet that concerned women.

The meet started with bloggers introducing themselves, some fun activities and was followed by a a serious and very meaningful discussion on various issues concerning women - from safety concerns, security, independence, domestic violence, the rise in the no. of rape, molestation and eve teasing cases to the lack of sanitation facilities and health problems.
One by one all these issues were discussed. The bloggers as well as the reporters from Times Of India cited real life experiences and then the possible solutions were discussed too.
The meeting concluded with a heart touching video by Times Of India which in less than 2 minutes conveys what every women in the city feels.


I left the venue in the evening with the memories of a great afternoon, some new friends and a BIG QUESTION in my head.

"What women want from this city?"
"What I want from the city that has been home all my life?"

Of all the things discussed at the meet the most important change that I want to see is - I want my city to be SAFE and not safer than the capital or any other city. No comparison, no compromise when it comes to safety.So that my parents don't start worrying if I don't reach home before 10. So that like my brother I too can go out at anytime of the day or night. So that I don't have to be extra cautious when walking through a crowded lane.

Am I really asking for too much?? Smiles instead of lecherous stares? To make my home feel like home?
If we (both men and women) work together this can easily be achieved. 

All the ladies reading this - You have to stand for yourself if you expect someone else to stand by you. I know this is easy to say but yes keeping a mum, letting someone get away after doing something wrong to you will not help. Be strong, know your rights and break the silence. For e.g Times of India shared a pan railway helpline no that actually works. Whether you have lost something or there is some miscreant in your compartment call them on 9833331111 and they will be there to help you. And yes this no. is not just for you to read. Save it right now and share it with the people you know.You never know you may need this no. too.

Men have to break the silence too. If you want someone to save your sister, your wife, your mother, your daughters someday, come forward to help others today.

I know this is a distant dream but surely an achievable one if we work together.

Apart from safety the next thing that is very important is health problems. Women tend to ignore their health as they are busy taking care of their family. Please do not overlook this. Skip that party, cancel your parlor appointments or something else and get a complete health check up done. To take care of others you have to be fit yourself.

Would love to read your comments / suggestions.

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