Wednesday, 20 March 2013

All's Well That Ends Well

Hey Gals!!!
Summers are here and Mumbai is HOT right now :P.  Hows the weather on your side?

Before I start with today's post here is a WARNING for you : This is going to be a looooooong post :P  but not a boring one. So read on :D

Can you guess from the post's title what it is about??
  • Love story?
  • Movie?
  • Novel?
No... none of the above. It is about....HAIRS..Yes you heard it right - Hairs.

We all love happy beautiful endings, don't we?? Isn't healthy shiny hair from root to tip every girl's dream?? Yes it is and one villain that spoils this is  SPLIT ENDs.

I hate split ends (who doesn't :P). Till now the only solution I knew to get rid of split ends was to trim my tresses :/

Recently Dove came up with new Dove Split End Rescue System. Here is what the product claims -

Introducing the new Dove Split End Rescue System, its 1/4 moisturizing milk nourishes your hair and its breakthrough split-end technology corrects hair damage to give you up to 4x less split-ends*. So, with Dove have just beautiful hair from end to end.

Really ??? A shampoo that ends your split end woes ??? I have received a sample from IndiBlogger. Dove suggests to take  the 2- Step Dove Braid Test to check if the ends of your hair are damaged. I did and sadly I have damaged ends :( :( :( </3 .
I am currently using the Dove Split End Rescue System and after three washes, I must say it doesn't disappoint. Yes they don't feel rough now *happy dance* More on that later. Keep watching this space for a detailed review :)

But then there was a phase I had healthy hairs end to end.  No split ends, no dandruff, no hair fall. Just beautiful shiny hairs (miss those days). When??? Remember school days??  No styling, No chemical. Every morning Mom would braid your hairs ( Yes that was the only hairstyle allowed in schools. You get to leave hair open only if you enroll in KJO's school :P :P )

I have so many good - bad braid memories to share :D. I ll start with the bad ones first and get to the good ones later. I want to end this post on a good note ( Read the title again ;) )

  • The Grumpy Teacher 

Image Source

In my school it was compulsory for all the girls with shoulder length or longer hair to tie two plaits using red ribbons ( yes red while other schools had black :/ ) . And everyday Mrs. XYZ, ( whats in a name :P ) our P.T. teacher would come on rounds to check if all the girls were following the rules or not. I never saw her punishing anyone but we had heard scary stories from others about the severe punishments. One of the scariest punishment I had heard of was that she had once cut a girl's hair with scissors.I don't know if it was true but I was too scared to take a chance. So all my school life I  followed  had to follow only one hairstyle - two plaits with red ribbons :/

  • No Papa!!!!! 
Image Source

I guess this happened when I was in class four. The first and the last time I let Daddy touch my hair. For some reason  Mummy was not home and he had to get me ready for school.He somehow managed to do other things but he just couldn't braid my hair. One up the other down, too loose once and too tight the other time. He just couldn't do it even after several attempts. He even tried convincing me that my hair looked fine. But then I was a stubborn little girl. I can eat burnt bread but I won't go to school with funny looking hair. Luckily an Aunty staying next-door came to my rescue :D. Daddy you are my hero and I Love You :) but no you are not allowed to touch my hair :P.

  • Faux pas
Image Source

If you are 90's kid you will know this. Girls would sport this many braid hairstyle??? 2, 3, 4, and so on tied with colorful bands / clips at the end??? I did that too. It was so much "In-Fashion" then. It started with 3 and then one fine day I had made mummy tie 8 braids. I thought it was cool then. But looking back at the picture I realize how closely I resembled OCTOPUS :P. But then it was cute then... Okay it wasn't :P. It was my first faux pas :P And no I am not sharing my Octopus wala pic on blog :D. 

  • Mommy Knows Best
Image Source

Today I have learnt so many hairstyles. I can do the messy bun, the donut bun, fishtail braid , french braid , etc, etc. But when in school I couldn't even do the regular 3 - strands braid properly. Don't look at me like that !!! There was no YouTube back then :P . My mother would do it for me every morning from class 1 to class 10. And everyday it turned out perfect. Neither too tight nor too loose. Perfect 10 / 10 braids. I don't know how mothers manage to do everything so perfectly. Love you mommy :)

There are so many more braid stories to share - 

How Naani (grandmother) would oil and braid everyone's (me and my cousins) hair in vacation :* 

How my brother always teased me that my braids made it easier for him to pull my hair when we had fights :P

But looking at the post's length I did better stop :P

Leaving you with one of the very few school day picture of mine. 

I am the on the extreme left.
See I told you we had to tie two plaits with red ribbons even for shoulder length hairs :/

Did I bore you??? Liked reading?? Do comment :)

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This post is a part of the Dove Split End Rescue System's Beautiful Ends to Your Beautiful Braids contest in association with Indiblogger.



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  8. dad has never had to do my hair thankfully..i actually use dove conditioner and it leaves the hair smelling very nice..

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    1. lucky you :P yea dove products smell good :)

  9. Who says short is sweet?
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  10. Loved the post! I had short, yes, boy-cut-short hair till five years back! The one time it grew in class IX, I had no time for studies, so cut it again. My parents had said they couldn't look after my hair, so it was kept short. Kept the lice away, too! Now it's long enough for braiding.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Thanks Renu Many of my cousins too had short boy-cut hairs coz their parents didn't have much time to take care but I was lucky as my mom was a homemaker :)