Saturday, 5 January 2013

First Fifty Facebook Followers

Good Evening Girls!!!!
I am loving the Mumbai winters ( This is one of the very few times we can say we have winters in Mumbai).

I have been MIA (sorry for that). The sale season is on and I have been going out for shopping almost everyday. Not for myself but to help others. One of my New Year Resolutions - "No shopping till I get rid of extra kilos :( :(.) Have you checked out the sales???

And yes my blog has completed 10 days :D and I already have 62 Facebook likes (:happy dance :) A BIG THANK YOU to all of you :D
As promised I will be giving the first fifties (on Facebook and GFC)  +2 extra entries each  in my upcoming INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY.

Here is a list of people who were one of the first 50 to like my page:

Facebook names

Did you make to the list?? You can get additional +2 entries by following me on GFC as well.
For those who did not join me on GFC and you get +2 entries
On the right side click on JOIN THIS SITE and follow through your Gmail, Twitter or Yahoo id :)

Hurry up not one but many surprises as soon as we reach 100 on Facebook and GFC. :D Show some love. 



  1. Yay! I am in the list :D
    I also follow you on GFC :)

  2. yyaayyy :))) i am in the list and i have also started following on gfc

  3. yeh me too thr in 50 :) :) happy...thank u Swati!!!!joined on google too

  4. Followed you on GFC.
    Name: Sayantini Bhattacharya
    Liked your FB page.
    FB Name: Sayantini Bhattacharya

  5. thanks im in list :)

    followed you on GFC
    Name - Hema Thakur