Friday, 25 January 2013

Coconut : The Wonder Nut

Hey Gals!!
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Don't you all love sipping coconut water (and eating the tender coconut meat too) by the beach??
Did your grandma tell you too that coconut oil is the secret to healthy hair??
Did you read in school that coconut is also known as "Kalpavruksha" as every part of the tree is useful in some way ???


Coconut has been an integral part of the Indian culture and used in some form or the other. But till late I did not know that it is Good for Skin too. Did you??
If not read below as I crack open the beauty secrets and surely you will go nut over the Coconut too :D

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  • CLEANSER : You Can use the coconut milk as cleanser. Yes it removes dirt and gives you a squeaky clean skin.
  • MOISTURIZER: It contains  lots of fats and hence has moisturizing properties too. I am too lazy to do this so I use Parachute's Deep Nourish Body Lotion. Give it a try and I am sure you will love it too 

  • REPAIR: Coconut milk is also known to repair the damaged skin and give it a smooth texture and glow.
  • ACNE : I don't have acne prone skin but have heard it helps you get rid of acne too.
  • AGEING: No one can stop the wrinkles and fine lines but they can be delayed right. Regular use of Coconut milk will help you with that :)
And yes all of this goodness without any side effects :D

So what are you waiting for?? Go crack open the coconut for soft glowing skin :)

P.S. the post is a part of a contest for Parachute


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