Saturday, 18 October 2014

Ghar Wali Diwali

Hey Everyone

I know its been really long since I wrote the last post. But trust me new job (with working Saturday : ( ) leave me with no time to do anything. Kudos to all the Bloggers who manage both work and blog regularly.

Yesterday, I managed to leave early from office and on my way back home, I was making a list of things that I can do once I reach home - Clean, my room, update blog, order a pizza and watch a movie before I doze off. But as they say - Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. 

All my plans went down the drain when I saw that the door was locked. I didn't have house keys. I never carry them as I usually come back late and there is someone at home all the time. Locked out on Saturday evening at least for an hour. Poor me. 

So I went down sat on an old  bike with earphones plugged in. I still prefer to sit on old bikes even if the seats are empty. And when I looked up, saw only one diwali lantern lit up. Only one of the 32 apartments had diwali lights with the festival less than a week away.

Are festivals really choosing their charms? I remember how grand diwali was when we were kids. I started with 10 days Diwali vacation. Mummy made so many sweets and savouries. I always wanted the first karanji that she fried and she would say "thanda hone do. Muh jal jaayega" . How the house was cleaned and painted every year just before diwali. Early in the morning, on the day of Lakshmi pooja, beautiful rangolis were made. We would dress up  in new clothes and go down to light up some phuljharis. No bursting crackers because we were told its not a good thing. The last time I burst crackers was when in class 3.Hated it back then but I am really happy now that we didn't. After the pooja we had a lavish diwali dinner cooked with love by Mummy. This is how diwali was celebrate. Simple but filled with love. Everyone is busy now. Away from home for studies, work.  I so miss  Ghar Wali Diwali .

How do you celebrate diwali? Do let me know in comment below.

P.S. : I had put up the diwali lighting  as soon as I got into the house yesterday night. Mummy was puzzled "Itni kya ghai hai?"

Happy Diwali:)

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