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Zindagi - Jodey Dilon Ko

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If you follow me on Twitter you already know what I did last Saturday. If not go here and read. Or just continue reading this post :D.

I got a chance to attend yet another Indimeet. If you have been reading the blog for a while you know how much I love them.  A chance to meet fellow bloggers, lots of fun activities and great food always make my day.

Zindagi IndiBlogger Meet was organized in Mumbai and Delhi to introduce us to Zee's new entertainment channel Zindagi - Jodey Dilon Ko 

The launch of Zindagi is significant in many ways as it is not just as entertainment channel 
but  a  philosophy  that  will  help  Indians  empathize  with  the  lives  of  those  across  the 
geographical  borders.  Zindagi  reinforces  the  vision  of  ZEE’s  corporate  philosophy 
‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbukam ‐ The World is My Family’ and aims to unite people in India and 
across the world with shows produced overseas. 

Entertainment is seamless as it cuts across boundaries and across strats of society. With the 
message of ‘Jodey Dilon Ko’,  Zindagi will touch hearts and break barriers to relate with 
people living across borders. As the first‐ever national launch for a Hindi language channel, 
the objective is to continue to deliver and spread strong human values through hand‐picked 
content across the world. 

Starting June 23, Zindagi will bring viewers in India stories from across the border, starting 
with stories from Pakistan that embrace universal emotions. A variety of shows, written by 
award‐winning novelists, literary stalwarts and adapted from famous novels and books, will 
engage audiences as a fresh alternative on television. 

This meet was not just fun but also heart touching. We were not only live in conversation with Delhi bloggers all the time but also got to interact with people from across the border - Sultana Apa, the director of Hum Network and Actor Imran Abbas (HE IS HOT!!!!) who joined us at the Mumbai venue.
Rather than writing a long post, let me just quickly tell you the highlights of the day.

Did you see Delhi Blogger on those two screens?

  • This is the first time these international shows will air on Indian Television starting with Pakistani TV shows. But there are already fans of Pakistani TV shows here in India (All thanks Youtube). If you don't watch TV serials like me because most of them are looooooooooooong and unrealistic give these shows a try. Why you ask? Well these shows don't have more than 25-30 episodes  and promise some good and realistic stories. Also you finally get to see what life really is across the border.
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  • It was Mumbai v/s Delhi. Yes debate on which city is better in terms of transport, street food, bloggers and Men (in terms of hotness). MUMBAI IT IS. And yes we earned it by proving it at the event.
Imran Abbas

  • It was great interacting with people from across the border. To see that there is no difference between them and us. As Imran Abbas said - "Ek hi mitti se humari jade nikli hai" (we have common roots.) Also both Sultana Apa and Imran Abbas, answered each and every question that they were asked by the bloggers from both the cities not just related to TV but everything in general.
Mumbai Bloggers

  • And apart from these we of course had the regular fun games that ended with a hud hud and a group photo. I am so happy that I got to attend attend this Inter-city and Across Border meet. Hats off to Indiblogger and Zee for making this happen.
Don't forget to tune into Zindagi TV starting 23rd June, 2014 not just for entertainment, but also to support this attempt by Zee to bring together the two countries.

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  1. In the Mumbai vs Delhi debate, I personally think Mumbai has the better transport system, while Delhi has better street food. About which city had hotter guys, none of the guys from either side cared...we just sat back and enjoyed girls fussing over us for a few moments :p

    Was an awesome meet for sure.